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Night of the Living Garfield

This is from Phineas and Ferb “Night of the Living Pharmacists.” This is when Garfield’s trying not to get touched by a pharmacist, so jumps on Odie’s back and puts on a brave Garfield disguise. But I should have wrote Garfield saying “Lots of me! I want lasagna!” (A famous Garfield word.

Lots of Me!

Garfield and Doofenshmirtz from Night of the Living Pharmacists

Dogs have no brains

Garfield showing that dogs have no brains

Garfield showing that dogs have no brains

I did this picture for a lady named Patty from the Kids Everywear sale.  I do like dogs a lot, but Garfield hates dogs.  There was sign in Odie’s head that said “room for rent.” And Garfield said, “dogs have no brains” with a smile on his face.

Making it rain. . . on Odie.

Garfield, Odie, and Magus.

Garfield saw Magus from Chrono Trigger. Garfield asked Magus if he could make it rain on Odie. Then they looked for Odie, and then they found Odie.  Magus made it rain on Odie and thunder and lightning, and then Odie had a big frown on his face.  And then Magus and Garfield did a high five and they were both smiling. This picture was also for Daddy’s little sister Bekah, my aunt.