Night of the Living Garfield

This is from Phineas and Ferb “Night of the Living Pharmacists.” This is when Garfield’s trying not to get touched by a pharmacist, so jumps on Odie’s back and puts on a brave Garfield disguise. But I should have wrote Garfield saying “Lots of me! I want lasagna!” (A famous Garfield word.

Lots of Me!

Garfield and Doofenshmirtz from Night of the Living Pharmacists

Garfield gets caught by a Gronckle

“Well this isn’t good.”

The mother Gronckle was out getting food for its baby Gronckle. Then it saw Garfield and picked him up.  She took Garfield to the nest.

Then when she brought Garfield back to the nest, Garfield tried to get away.  The baby Gronckle caught Garfield, but Garfield put pepper on its nose and all of a sudden “ACHOO!” and Garfield ran away.

Garfield taken to the Gronckle nest


Garfield’s Trophies

Garfield admires his trophies from harassing the mailman.

Garfield admires his trophies from harassing the mailman.

Garfield decided to have something where he would have his own trophies, so he attacked the mailman to get them.  The he got a bird, and then a fish, and and the mailman’s hat, and the edible parts of the mailman (rump roast, strawberry elbow, leg, and prime rib). And Garfield had smile that he had all of those.