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Garfield gets caught by a Gronckle

“Well this isn’t good.”

The mother Gronckle was out getting food for its baby Gronckle. Then it saw Garfield and picked him up.  She took Garfield to the nest.

Then when she brought Garfield back to the nest, Garfield tried to get away.  The baby Gronckle caught Garfield, but Garfield put pepper on its nose and all of a sudden “ACHOO!” and Garfield ran away.

Garfield taken to the Gronckle nest


This means war!

Toothless and Garfield - This Means War!

Toothless and Garfield – This Means War!

Garfield found 25,000 batches of fish and Garfield was like “FISH!” And Toothless saw Garfield and popped right out of the grass and said “This means war because he found my batch of yummy fish and my ketchup so I could have a cat sandwich.  (He didn’t mean this really, he just wanted to have the fish with ketchup.) Whenever Garfield ate all of the fish, it was war.  Whenever he started fighting the 25,000 pound cat it was the time when Toothless was just a flat dragon.  And Garfield sat on toothless.