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The cat mummy

Garfield as a mummy and Floyd as a zombieGarfield and Floyd are going trick-or-treating and Garfield is using toilet paper for the mummy costume. Floyd cut out some parts of Jon Arbuckle’s pajamas to make his costume as a zombie and used Odie’s dish bowl to make a T on his hat.  When Jon saw all the things that happened, he yelled, “GARFIELD!”  And Garfield is saying “Food!”.  This is for my aunt Bekah, Daddy’s sister.


Hop In!

Garfield - Hop in

Floyd the mouse and Garfield are hanging out. Floyd sees Jon coming and runs away. Garfield tells a confused Jon to hop in his mouth.  (And Garfield was being sarcastic to Jon.)

This is about Garfield and Floyd the mouse (Garfield’s friend). Floyd see Jon Arbuckle coming and runs away with a ZIP.  Garfield has an idea where he is telling Jon to hop in his mouth.  And Jon is like “Huh?”

The “to him and to her” are in the comic because this is a card for Nanu and Grandpa (daddy’s parents).